Weeknote 27

Today marks my first work week back at the Leddy Library after my sabbatical. It would have been a better experience had I not developed infections in both my ears from my newly acquired enthusiasm for swimming laps.

I spent much of my week on-boarding in my new role and answering email that had been waiting for me, so patiently.

§1 How to Explain Things Real Good

Nicky Case gave an 18 minute talk at Stanford on How to Explain Things Real Good that’s available on YouTube. Here’s the one-slide summary:

§2 Build Your Own Library. With Zotero

I’ve seen my fair share of librarian-created presentations that are an infodump of “and-connected” recommended solutions without showing the problem first. And I’ve made my own, as well. It’s all easier said than done.

Here’s a quickly drafted first attempt to apply what I’ve learned from Nicky’s presentation along with the lessons shared recently by Russell Davies.

Screenshot of presentation called, Build your own library. With Zotero.

§3 New (to me) content types available on eCampusOntario’s h5p studio

Crosswords? Augmented reality scavenging? Advent calendars? Branching scenarios? Could eCampusOntario’s H5PStudio become my favourite game development platform?