Weeknote 6 (2021)

Another week in which I was doing a lot of behind the scenes work.


Duly noted:

Here’s the article in full.


Years ago, I gave a keynote called Libraries are for use. And by use, I mean copying that featured the short and sad story of a person who was unable to donate their ebook to their local library.

I thought of this slide this week when I learned the the DPLA is now offering an ebook creation service that allows library to an ebook collection — albeit of openly licensed or public domain works.

I downloaded the SimplyE app for my iPad and I found it simple and well-designed. Having access to a good set of public domain work is great although I was slightly disappointed that there it wasn’t possible to import my own collection of ebooks into the app. But if I was a library, that’s what I could do.


I’m not ready to share my thoughts on this next matter yet but I’ve been recently re-considering how much of our knowledge is socially constructed.

As such, I am still mulling over Harold Jarche’s Subject Matter Networks.

It begins,

We live in a networked world. Is it even possible for one person to have sufficient expertise to understand a complex situation such as this pandemic? So do we rely on one subject matter expert or rather a subject matter network?

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